The Story Of My Life

My name is Gerald!

This is the story of my life, and the story of others’ lives, too – just for you. Each article features a real story with life lessons and takeaways. Enjoy!


I live in Poblacion Asturias,Cebu and Now I m here in Colon,Cebu,City for my Studies and for my Journey on College Because I want to achieve my goal to become a Computer Programming,IT Expert,Computer Engineer,Archetict,Seaman,Tanod,Guardya,Tindero ug Tempura

I also love playing piano when I have free time even I don’t know how to play piano 🙂


Gerald Poster
                       And I love to Make Poster, Edit Video.Even my skill is very poor.
I want to Introduce to you My friend Prince Boss Amo Nocus lll Jr. He is Very Pahumble (ug makamatay paning pahumble gihaya nani siya ron) ug usa pasadNerdy,Intellegent. person. And he is broken hearted  now sige lang ni siyag gamaoy .Sige lang ni siyag kaon ngadtos Pungko2 libre sabaw.

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